What is VOIP?

The VoIP (Voice Over IP) protocol allows you to make and receive phone calls through your broadband Internet connection using a standard touch-tone phone.

You make a call using VoIP by dialing a number on your phone, as you always have.

To receive a call using VoIP, simply pick up your phone when it rings, as you always have.

All VoIP calls are carried over the Internet until each call needs to be directed to a regular phone line. This allows you to save money on local, long distance, and international calls. When you sign up, you are also given a new phone number that others can use to call you on your new VoIP service (though you may also be able to transfer your old phone number to the VoIP service). You will then be able to keep this phone number, no matter where or how often you move.

VoIP provides the same quality as a traditional phone service, and you get more features for less money.

  • Substantial savings compared to traditional phone services
  • Regular local phone service is no longer needed
  • Ability to move anywhere and keep the same number
  • Detailed online tracking to monitor your account activity
  • Phone features not offered by traditional phone providers
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